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N˚SFS : xxx-701

Expérience : 0

Faction soutenue : Second Seekers

Fortune : 0 Crédits

Réputation globale : 0 ; Fame (Notoriété) : 0

Réputation auprès des Acquisitives : 0

Réputation auprès des Dataphiles : 0

Réputation auprès des Exoguardians : 0

Réputation auprès des Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo): 0

Reputation auprès des Wayfinders : 0


Nom : Cémoi

Classe : 1

N - Moyen - Humanoïde (Androïde)

Init' : +1 ; Perception : +0 ; Psychologie (Sense Motive) : +0




bEAC /b10, bKAC/b10

bSP/b 5 bHP/b 9 bRP/b 4

bFort /b+0, bRef /b+0, bWill /b+0



---- bSpeed /b30 ft. bMelee /b bRanged /b bSpace /b5 ft.; bReach /b5 ft. bSpecial Attacks /b bSpell-Like Abilities /b

---- bStatistics/b ---- bStr /b10, bDex /b10, bCon /b10, bInt /b10, bWis /b10, bCha /b10

bSkills /b

bStarship-Combat Version of Skills/b Omitting Class features and items that do not affect Crew Actions

bFeats /b

bLanguages/b Common,

bOther Abilities/b

bCombat Gear /b bOther Gear /b

---- BSpecial Abilities/b ----

---- BBoons Slotted this Adventure/b ---- bAlly:/b bFaction:/b bPersonal:/b bPromotional:/b bSocial:/b bStarship:/b bSlotless:/b

spoiler=All My Boons


spoiler=Bot Me! Here is where you include pertinent details needed to bot your character. Include dice expressions for your main attacks as well as tactics and any overriding philosophies that might guide your actions. Please include your main ship skills for Starship Combat here.

oocCharli Poshkettle is an enthusiastic if somewhat ineffective combatant. In the first round of combat, she always uses her get ‘em ability to help the team./ooc

dice=Stabby (survival knife)+Get ‘em 1d20+2+1/dice dice=Slashing Damage1d4/dice

dice=Pew Pew (azimuth laser pistol)+Get ‘em1d20+2+1/dice dice=Flame Damage1d4/dice

oocIn ship combat, she happily serves as Captain or Science Officer. As a Captain, she likes to lead off with a taunt./ooc