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La saison 9 de la Pathfinder Society vient d'être lancée (Aout 2017)

Year of Factions' Favor

Year of Factions' Favor

This year, we here at Paizo wanted to do something different. It has always been our goal to provide a unique and bountiful experience for our players. So much of our time, energy, and effort has been dedicated to making races, archetypes, spells, feats, and equipment to help our players to create the exact characters that they want to play to help to maximize their fun.

In the spirit of variety, we will continue to strive for what we have been pursuing in Season 9. It is our goal to provide experiences that our players are truly looking for. In the Year of the Factions' Favor, we will have our players be performing roles and duties to advance themselves in our long-established factions. We have developed new rules regarding making fortitude and will saves to consistently wake up in the morning and get out of bed to be an unpaid intern who fetches coffee for Venture Captains. Those who are more devoted to the social aspect and roleplay will be able to get their fill as many scenarios will involve office politicking in order to garner favor and sabotage rivals. It has always been our goal to raise the importance of seldom utilized skills, such as profession and craft, and this year these skills will really shine with the majority of scenarios requiring profession (clerk), (scribe), and (HR representative) in order to satisfy all objectives. Truly, we are excited for what we have to show you this year.

Our inspiration this year came from the idea of seeking the magical in the mundane. We believe that every single day of our lives should be an adventure, and it is a sad tragedy that this is not so common for most people. We hope that no only will our players enjoy these scenarios and modules that we will release in the coming year, but we hope that it will inspire them to live more like heroes in their own daily lives.

Scenario 9-01 The Cost of Enlightenment

Scenario 9-02 A Case-of Missing Persons

Scenario 9-03 On the Border of War

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Merci Armenfrast.

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