Les traits de caractère sont utilisés pour personnaliser le fond d'un PC et de l'attacher aux thèmes et aux événements de l'aventure. Chaque personnage commence le jeu avec deux traits, l'un d'entre eux pouvant être sélectionnés à partir des traits de campagne ci-dessous.

Historien de l'empire Azlant

L'empire déchu de l'ancienne Azlant attire votre curiosité et vous pousse à l'aventure. Fatigué du seul apprentissage de l'empire à travers des tomes poussiéreux, vous vous rendez dans les ruines Azlantes du bois de l'Echo, dans l'espoir de dénicher une nouvelle découverte. Peut-être que vous pourriez même récolter les fruits de votre labeur en faisant en sorte que votre nom soit mentionné dans un futur tome historique. Vous gagnez un bonus de trait de +1 sur les connaissances (histoire) et connaissances (folklore local), et une de ces compétences est une compétence de classe pour vous. De plus, vous gagnez Azlanti comme langue de bonus.

Aspirant croisé

Voyageant le long de la route des Croisés, dans l'espoir de rejoindre la croisade Mendévienne contre les démons de la Faille du monde, vous avez fait halte à Fort Inevitable. Au début, il était simplement question d'un repos avant de continuer votre dangereux voyage. Cependant, des rumeurs de phénomènes étranges autour de ruines antiques dans les bois ont attiré votre intérêt. Comme les Chevaliers Infernaux du Fort, vous vous demandez si vos compétences ne pourraient pas être plus utiles ici que dans la Faille. Vous gagnez un bonus de trait de +1 sur les tests de connaissances (plans) et Connaissances (religion) et connaissances (plans) est une compétence de classe pour vous.


Vous avez été embauché pour protéger les convois de marchandises et les voyageurs. Pour votre première affectation, vous avez été envoyé sur la longue mission longue et fatigante d'accompagner une caravane numérienne jusqu'à Fort Inévitable. Le voyage a commencé tranquillement, jusqu'à mi-course de la route d'Eaumoussue où une bande de gobelins bien organisés vous a attaqué, emportant une partie de la cargaison. Les gobelins sont une nuisance constante, mais cet échec sur votre première mission vous rend encore honteux. Vous commencez le jeu avec une épée longue ou épée à deux mains, et gagnez un bonus de trait de +1 aux attaques d'opportunité avec des armes de ce type.

Venu des profondeurs

Aussi loin que vous pouvez vous rappeler, vous vous êtes senti chez vous sous terre : préférant le sol au dessus de votre tête aux espaces ouverts avec le ciel sans fin qui vous donne le vertige. Vous croyez que votre destin est profondément sous terre, et un jour vous espérez voir les cavernes fantastiques sous la surface ou peut-être même visiter l'une des anciennes voûtes de l'Orv dans les couches les plus profondes des Sombreterres. Vous gagnez un bonus de trait de +1 sur les tests de connaissances (exploration souterraine), et connaissances (exploration souterraine) est une compétence de classe pour vous. De plus, vous gagnez un bonus de trait de +1 sur les tests d'Initiative en souterrain.

Natif du bois de l'Echo

You were raised in one of the many small villages or points of interest throughout the Echo Wood. You were raised on a farm or ranch, or perhaps a small hamlet nestled deep in the forest. To you, both Thornkeep and Fort Inevitable are "the big city," crowded places with too many people for comfort. You’ve been raised to be equally wary of bandits, monsters, and Hellknights: any who deny folks the Six River Freedoms. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Sense Motive checks, and Sense Motive is a class skill for you. In addition, your familiarity with the Echo Wood allows you to make untrained Knowledge (local) checks regarding the region.

Former Slave

To the Hellknight rulers of Fort Inevitable, freedom is a privilege to be earned: a privilege you lost. You spent the last few years as a slave, paying off accrued debts or as a punishment for crimes. At long last you have earned your freedom and can finally begin your life anew; friends and charitous figures have even offered to supply you with the coin and equipment to start over. Your time as a slave has left its mark. While the Hellknights prevent open abuse of slaves, few masters are kind and your enslavement has hardened you. You might have worked the fields for the fair, if heavy-handed, Naldred Tillman; at the tannery of the cruel Drurn; or staffed the bellows for the foul-tempered Tsador Ironmaker. You gain a +1 trait bonus on all Fortitude saves.

Golden Attendant

You work as a servant or deacon at the Temple of the Golden Key in Fort Inevitable, the largest and most ornate temple in the Echo Wood region. You serve at the pleasure of High Mother Dremagne, priestess of Abadar. However, most of your time is spent following the wishes of the junior acolytes and lay priests. While you are mostly tasked with mundane jobs, your skills have not gone unnoticed and you have been increasingly entrusted with more and more important tasks for the temple. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Perception and Appraise checks, and once per week you can reroll an Appraise check and take the higher result (You must announce that you are using this ability before the results of the check are known).

Goldenfire Initiate

Thornkeep’s arcanist's guild primarily serves to protect the financial interests of its members, limiting competition and preventing price undercutting. As a low-ranking member of the Goldenfire Order, you are assigned the least pleasant tasks, but are thankfully well-paid for your services. Members are mostly left to their own interests, so you have learned little from the guild and are beginning to realize your education might be in your hands. Some extra action might also be required to stand out in the guild and find more profitable work. You begin the campaign with an extra 100 gp. You also gain a +1 trait bonus on Spellcraft checks.

Hellknight Armiger

The Hellknights of Fort Inevitable were crusaders who opted to end their pilgrimage and defend Crusader’s Road for the benefit of future crusaders. The Order's devotion to law and structure has long appealed to you and you have trained hard in the hopes of one day joining the order to protect Fort Inevitable and your kin from the endless bandits and roving beasts that prowl the land. You were initially mentored by the newly arrived Hellknight, Signifer DiViri, but she vanished some time ago while on an expedition, leaving you to continue your training on your own. Knowing that being able to ride quickly and move through the heavy underbrush of the woods is valuable, you have focused your training on the intimidating heavy armour of the Hellknights. You reduce the armour check penalty of worn armour by 1, to a minimum penalty of 0.

Merchant Connections

You have strong ties with a merchant in either Thornkeep or Fort Inevitable, either through friendship or family. They’re willing to invest in your expeditions by spending some of their own coin purchasing treasure and are able to quickly order items you desire from elsewhere in the River Kingdoms. Pick one of the following merchants: - Thom Braddon of Braddon's General Store in Fort Inevitable. - Mormuk Goldfoot of the Goldfoot’s Mercantile trading house in Fort Inevitable. - Yunar Barask of the Thornkeep Mercantile general store and trading post. When dealing with that merchant you increase the base value and purchase limit in their settlement by 50%.

Reformed Bandit

The roads of the Echo Wood are commonly frequented by brigands, particularly along the seldom-patrolled roads leading to Thornkeep. The Hellknights have recently made it their task to stamp out banditry along Crusader’s Road, harshly punishing those outlaws they capture. You spent a number of years as a bandit, earning a living off travellers and traders. Having barely escaped justice on several occasions, you have decided it is time to retire from banditry, living a somewhat more honest life. But your meager savings will not last forever, so you will need to find some other means of employment. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Sense Motive checks when dealing with bandits, and one of these skills is a class skill for you.

Sage's Apprentice

You have been trained in the arcane arts by Abernard Royst, the resident sage of Fort Inevitable. For the last several years your time was spent assisting the wizard with assorted research projects and experiments, long enough to see past Royst’s cantankerous exteriour to the caring master underneath. The aged sage seldom leaves the Fort any more, trusting you and his other apprentices to do his errands. As the most promising of his apprentices, the difficult tasks most often fall to you. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (arcana) checks. Additionally, choose any one spell of the transmutation school; its save DC increases by +1.

Wolfmane Barbarian

Formerly of Numeria, the Wolfmane tribes sought a new homeland some centuries ago and have taken up residence in the Echo Wood. Dwelling in the forests around Thornkeep, the Wolfmane make their living as hunters, trappers, and scouts. You were raised in one of Kellid tribes and are comfortable in the wilds; few know the Echo Wood like the Wolfmane. But there are dangers in the woods, which might one day threaten your kin, and you feel obliged to defend your tribe. You gain a +1 trait bonus to Knowledge (nature) and Survival checks, and Survival is always a class skill for you.