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Butin à répartir/trier

Butin à trier
NomPoidsValeur d'achatDescriptionPropriétaire
3 doses de Baiser du Charmeur750po As a standard action, a dose of charmer’s kiss can be applied to the user’s lips; this dose lasts for 4 hours or until discharged. During that time, the user can deliver the lipstick to one target creature as a standard action (for willing targets) or a melee touch attack. The target of this attack must succeed at a DC 16 Will saving throw or be affected by charm monster for 7 minutes.
2 Cestes de Maître2x0.5kg2x105poarme légère 1d4NA
Bandes de poignetsSome martial artists also weave small coins or metal bars into their handwraps, adding special material effects as well. Handwraps don’t alter the damage a character’s unarmed attacks deal. However, masterwork handwraps can be enchanted as weapons, providing their benefits on unarmed attacks the character makes with her hands. A character can’t benefit from both handwraps and other items that provide enhancement bonuses or weapon special abilities (such as an amulet of mighty fists) on the same attack.NA
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BOURSE COMMUNE255022/04/2019
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Butin réparti
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5xKdo de Jin - achat de baguette de soins250po x5 -750po: reste 5x100polingotchq PJ05.05.2019