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Année des Sanctuaires Brisés

Introduction to Pathfinder Society : Year of Shattered Sanctuaries

Titre VF Introduction à Pathfinder Society : L'année des sanctuaires brisés
Niveau 1-4, par Mike Kimmel
Tag Intrigue principale, Répétable
Lieu Absalom

A recently inducted Pathfinder field agent makes a startling discovery as pleas for assistance flock to the Society’s Grand Lodge from across the Inner Sea. A group of Pathfinders come to assist in parsing the ongoing damage to the Society when a staunch ally requests their assistance. Stepping into a problem close to home, the agents quickly uncover a larger plot set to tear the Society apart and that it’s up to them to raise the alarm!

3-02 - The East Hill Haunting

Titre VF L'apparition de la Colline Est
Niveau 1-4, par Nicole Heits
Tag Intrigue principale
Lieu Andoran

With pressure mounting against the legal claim on one of their lodges, the Society sends a group of heroes to assist in the defense. Arriving in the Andoran city of Almas, the PCs quickly find themselves doing far more than paperwork when a ghostly specter seemingly accuses the Pathfinder Society of some heinous act. Forced to investigate the ghost’s appearance, it’s up to the PCs to figure out the truth behind the message and what is really going with the so-called “East Hill Haunting”.

The East Hill Haunting is part of the ongoing story of the Year of Shattered Sanctuaries. It is the first scenario in a two-part arc detailing the events befalling a Pathfinder Society lodge in the nation of Andoran. Other arcs explore other locations across the Inner Sea. While the arcs can be played in any order, it is recommended that players experience the scenarios within each individual arc in order.

3-03 - Echoes of Desperation

Titre VF Échos de Désespoir
Niveau 3-6, par Mike Kimmel & Nate Wright
Lieu Vidriane

Venture-Captain Finze Bellaugh at the Anthusis Lodge in Vidrian recently came into possession of a magic bell that was plundered from a community of Song'o halflings living somewhere in the Laughing Jungle. He believes the bell is a critically important object to this community, and he needs a group of skilled Pathfinders to learn precisely where the bell came from, then return it to its rightful owners. The PCs soon discover there is more to the bell's story, and returning it is no simple matter!